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2.0 website: sticker making track

Kohsuke Kawaguchi
I'm dividing up the website conversation into several tracks. See this Wiki page for the overall structure.

The sticker making track of the conversation is about the presentation, which we didn't talk about that much.

One of the things we need to talk about in this track is how to get someone who drives this track forward. I still suspect we need to contract somebody to work on this, though I'd be happy to be proven wrong if there's anyone willing to do it.

In the previous thread, I mentioned that I've asked my CEO to see if CloudBees can help us contract somebody, and he said yes. But there was a bit of unfortunate confusion there that I suspected raised eyebrows in terms of how we engage that person.

I wanted to make it clear one more time that this person will work for the project, but I also think it's probably easier to leverage CloudBees' existing general & administration functionalities to engage that person. It's going to be a lot of work for me to work with SPI to prepare a contract between SPI and a contractor.

Is that OK with people?

And if anyone has any other thoughts / inputs on the sticker making track, please continue those here.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi

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