40 docker plugins? need for 41th one

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40 docker plugins? need for 41th one

nicolas de loof-2
tl;dr: I'm working on a fresh new Docker plugin


Hi there!
As a side-project, I've got earlier ideas to offer an alternative way to manage containerized build agents resurrected, so I've started working on https://github.com/ndeloof/docker-reloaded.

This one inherits some ideas I had set in docker-slaves-plugin, with a fresh new codebase and Docker client library Jocker that has been designed to limit dependencies and support attached ("interactive") mode without hacks.

Code is still in pre-alpha-early-preview status, but if interested I'd be happy to get some hands giving it a try and feedback on it. Can just reply to this email, or ping me on Docker community slack https://dockercommunity.slack.com/archives/D1KEMRUEB

Nicolas De Loof

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