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[ANN] Active committer representative for the CDF

Kohsuke Kawaguchi

As per the charter of the CDF, there will be an upcoming election to send some of the representatives from the active committers to the governing board (GB).

The GB meets occasionally (currently every few months) to provide checks and oversights to what's going on in the foundation. It largely consists of member companies who contributed money, and it's mainly making sure that money is spent well. As the name implies, the active committer representative is to represent the voice of the contributors in that seat. The term is one year.

The key dates are May 29, when nomination closes. The election will be by contributors. The details of the procedure is determined by the GB.

As the CDF TOC member representing the Jenkins project, I'd like to nominate some people to this election. 

So I talked with Tyler & Tracy a bit and here's what I think we should do:
  • If you'd like to nominate somebody (including yourself), please let the board know at [hidden email], ideally within the next week. Please add a brief statement of why.
  • The board might reach out to some of you ourselves to encourage you to nominate yourself.
  • The goal is to submit a couple of high quality nominations. So if we end up getting lots of nominations, we'll pick the best candidates.
To help us find the best niminees, here's what's expected in this role:
  • This is a community building role. Somebody who can communicate well, build a bridge, and advocate for a good cause will thrive.
  • You represent contributors and their interests, so somebody who understands that and is willing to talk to other contributors will thrive.
  • This is not a full time work (and there's no compensation, just to be clear), but you get what you invest in, time wise. So we want people who is willing to engage and spend time, as opposed to somebody who just sits there and doesn't do anything.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi

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