[ANN] - GSoC 2020 Coding Phase 1 demos (Jul 02)

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[ANN] - GSoC 2020 Coding Phase 1 demos (Jul 02)

Oleg Nenashev
Dear all,

We are happy to announce the Google Summer of Code Coding Phase 1 demos which will take place on July 02. At this meeting GSoC students in Jenkins will present their projects. Each student will do a quick project overview and a live demo of the current project status. Then we will have some time for live Q&A.

Part 1: 12PM/noon UTC - 1:30PM UTC (calendar link)
  • Sladyn Nunes - Custom Jenkins distribution build service
  • Rishabh Budhouliya - Git Plugin Performance Improvements
  • Kezhi Xiong - GitHub Checks API for Jenkins Plugins
Part 2: 3:00PMUTC - 4:30PM UTC (calendar link)
  • Loghi Perinpanayagam - Machine Learning Plugins for Data Science
  • Buddhika Chathuranga - Jenkins Windows Services: YAML Configuration Support
  • Sumit Sarin - External Fingerprint Storage
Please see this Google Doc for session abstracts and project links. As in previous years, all demos will be recorded and published later in the Jenkins Youtube channel. Still, we invite anyone interested in the projects to join the sessions and share your feedback with the GSoC students.

Best regards,
Oleg Nenashev
Jenkins GSoC Org Team

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