About the Memory Consumption Issue of Jenkins

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About the Memory Consumption Issue of Jenkins

Yang, Bruce (NSB - CN/Hangzhou)

Hi, Jenkins Engineer,

I am a new Jenkins user from the corporation of Nokia china. There is a question when I use the Jenkins software and dont know how to solve it. I also find the answer via searching web, reading the manual, etc. so I hope you can give me some helps if it is convenient to you.


Question description:

Ø  I have already complete the installation of Jenkins in the red hat Linux operating system(refer to this link: <a href="https://wiki.jenkins.io/display/JENKINS/Installing&#43;Jenkins&#43;on&#43;Red&#43;Hat&#43;distributions"> Installing Jenkins on Red Hat distributions) and then start the Jenkins service. I execute the top command to find the memory consumption of this service, you can find the memory consumption is 2.2%, the result like the screenshot as below:


Ø  Sencond step, I logon the jenkins server in the web, the result as below screenshot shown:

and then the service increase the memory consumption to 6.2%, the result as below screenshot shown:


Ø  Third step, I log out the jenkins service, but the consumption of this service does not demote yet. The result as below screenshot shown:


So we can get a conclusion:

u  logging on jenkins, the memory consumption increase;

u  logging out jenkins, the memory consumption equal to logging on jenkins and does not demote yet.


In my opinion or guess, when we logging out jenkins service, the memory consumption should demote, in fact it is not. I think it is a wasting to CPU memory when we do not use jenkins service yet. I am not sure whether I configre the jenkins service incorrect or I need more configuration, its confused to me. So I wish you can give a comments or correct configurations about this question. Thank you before!



Best Regards!

Bruce Yang


Prototyping SW Specialist

Office: Building B, No.68 Dongxin Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou, China

Postcode: 310053

Mobile: +86-13738176232

Email: [hidden email]


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