Access to Gitlab Api Token via Credential Provider in a Job DSL Groovy Script

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Access to Gitlab Api Token via Credential Provider in a Job DSL Groovy Script

Sandra Parsick

I'm currently programming a Seed Job that requests via REST API a list of repositories from a Gitlab instance. I want to iterate this list and create a pipeline job for each repository. My idea is to use Gitlab plugin and Credential Plugin for storing the API token and the Job DSL plugin for creating this bunch of jobs. At the moment, my seed job has only one build step "Process Job DSLs". In this step, I call following DSL script

import groovy.transform.Field
import com.cloudbees.plugins.credentials.CredentialsProvider
import com.dabsquared.gitlabjenkins.connection.GitLabApiTokenImpl

def gitUrl = 'https://mygitlab.instance/api/v4'
def privateToken = CredentialsProvider.lookupCredentials(GitLabApiTokenImpl.class).apiToken

// Reading projects from GitLab REST API
def projectList = new URL("${gitUrl}/projects/?private_token=${privateToken}")
def projects = new groovy.json.JsonSlurper().parse(projectList.newReader())

Unfortunately, the job build fails with 

Started by user admin
Running as SYSTEM
Building on master in workspace /opt/jenkins/workspace/Seed Job
Processing DSL script seed.groovy
: startup failed:
.groovy: 3: unable to resolve class com.dabsquared.gitlabjenkins.connection.GitLabApiTokenImpl
@ line 3, column 1.
import com.dabsquared.gitlabjenkins.connection.GitLabApiTokenImpl

1 error

Finished: FAILURE

When I run following code snippet in Jenkins Script Console, I get the expected result, the API Token.

import com.cloudbees.plugins.credentials.CredentialsProvider
import com.dabsquared.gitlabjenkins.connection.GitLabApiTokenImpl


Have anyone an idea what I'm doing wrong?

The setup of my Jenkins is
- Jenkins version: 2.168
- Installed plugins with version:
jdk-tool 1.2
script-security 1.54
command-launcher 1.3
structs 1.17
workflow-step-api 2.19
bouncycastle-api 2.17
scm-api 2.3.0
workflow-api 2.33
apache-httpcomponents-client-4-api 4.5.5-3.0
display-url-api 2.3.0
mailer 1.23
workflow-basic-steps 2.14
momentjs 1.1.1
simple-theme-plugin 0.5.1
credentials 2.1.18
pipeline-milestone-step 1.3.1
workflow-support 3.2
workflow-job 2.32
cloudbees-folder 6.7
branch-api 2.1.2
ssh-credentials 1.15
token-macro 2.7
config-file-provider 3.5
jacoco 3.0.4
junit 1.27
matrix-project 1.14
pipeline-build-step 2.7
pipeline-maven 3.6.7
authentication-tokens 1.3
workflow-scm-step 2.7
ace-editor 1.1
jquery-detached 1.2.1
workflow-cps 2.64
plain-credentials 1.5
credentials-binding 1.18
jackson2-api 2.9.8
pipeline-model-api 1.3.6
pipeline-model-extensions 1.3.6
pipeline-model-declarative-agent 1.1.1
jsch 0.1.55
git-client 2.7.6
git-server 1.7
workflow-cps-global-lib 2.13
durable-task 1.29
workflow-durable-task-step 2.29
workflow-multibranch 2.21
docker-commons 1.13
docker-workflow 1.17
pipeline-input-step 2.9
pipeline-stage-step 2.3
pipeline-stage-tags-metadata 1.3.6
pipeline-model-definition 1.3.6
ssh-slaves 1.29.4
configuration-as-code 1.7
job-dsl 1.72
configuration-as-code-support 1.7
pipeline-graph-analysis 1.9
pipeline-rest-api 2.10
handlebars 1.1.1
pipeline-stage-view 2.10
lockable-resources 2.4
workflow-aggregator 2.6
email-ext 2.65
git 3.9.3
gitlab-plugin 1.5.11

Thank you and best regards,


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