Anchore Container Image Scanner Plugin gives error "REGISTRY_PERMISSION_DENIED"

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Anchore Container Image Scanner Plugin gives error "REGISTRY_PERMISSION_DENIED"

Alokkumar Mahajan
I am getting below error from "Anchore Container Image Scanner Plugin" even though i have registered by private Harbor registry to Anchore Engine.

  "detail": { "error_codes": [ "REGISTRY_PERMISSION_DENIED" ], "raw_exception_message": "Error encountered in skopeo operation. cmd=/bin/sh -c skopeo inspect --raw --tls-verify=false docker://, rc=1, stdout=None, stderr=b'time=\"2020-09-21T11:06:58Z\" level=fatal msg=\"Error parsing image name \\\\\"docker://\\\\\": Error reading manifest latest in errors:\\\\ndenied: requested access to the resource is denied\\\\nunauthorized: authentication required\\\\n\"\\n', error_code=REGISTRY_PERMISSION_DENIED" }, "httpcode": 400, "message": "cannot fetch image digest/manifest from registry" }  

Not sure why it always tries to point to, anyone has any idea on how to fix this error?


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