Basic pipeline questions (using svn)

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Basic pipeline questions (using svn)

David Aldrich-2



Sorry for asking basic questions, but I need some help with my first pipeline. Here’s what I have so far:


node { 

stage('Checkout') {

    checkout([$class: 'SubversionSCM',

        additionalCredentials: [],

        excludedCommitMessages: '',

        excludedRegions: '',

        excludedRevprop: '',

        excludedUsers: 'buildbot',

        filterChangelog: false,

        ignoreDirPropChanges: false,

        includedRegions: '',

        locations: [[credentialsId: '086c0d1a-15e7-4cea-9702-7528ac021fab',

            depthOption: 'infinity',

            ignoreExternalsOption: true,

            local: '.',

            remote: ""]],

        workspaceUpdater: [$class: 'UpdateUpdater']])




1)      How do I specify a specific node?

2)      How do I emulate the conventional job’s checkout strategy ‘Use ‘svn update’ as much as possible’ so that a checkout is done if the workspace is empty or an update is done if a previous checkout exists?


Best regards




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