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Bitbucket LFS Permission denied (SSH command) - Jenkins Job step


Hi everyone,

I have a bash script that run commands on a windows machine (lets call it machine A) to pull a repository on bitbucket (using git) and then run specific programs to work on the pulled content.

I have also a ubuntu machine running Jenkins. On a build step I use the "Publish Over SSH" plugin to run the bash script on the machine A.

Everything goes fine all the time unless git has to pull a commit containing a large file and it fails with this error :

Downloading test x_map.fbx (31 MB) Error downloading object: x_map.fbx (63b3f85): Smudge error: Error downloading x_map.fb x (hash): batch request: [hidden email]: Permission denied (publickey).: exit status 255

The problem is that the LFS part of git doesn't use the SSH key even though I did set the core.sshCommand in git config to use a key for all the ssh commands.

So when I do this : ssh [hidden email] git-lfs-authenticate "reopsitory" downlaod its fails with this message : [hidden email]: Permission denied (publickey) but it works fine when I run it with the ssh key option : ssh -i "ssh-key-path" [hidden email] git-lfs-authenticate "reopsitory" downlaod

So I was wondering if there was any solution to kind of overload all the LFS ssh commands to use a specific ssh key like the core.sshCommand in git config. Adding prior to the git pull command : eval $(ssh-agent -s) ssh-add "key-path" makes this command work : [  ssh [hidden email] git-lfs-authenticate "reopsitory" downlaod ] but the git pull still fails with the same error

I m hardly stuck on this so I hope you guys have a miraculous solution! Thanks in advance for your help.

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