Blue Ocean 1.1 has been released with fast search and more

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Blue Ocean 1.1 has been released with fast search and more

James Dumay
Hi all,

Apologies for notifying you a few days late (I've been flying over the pacific) but last week we shipped Blue Ocean 1.1 with fast search for pipelines and a bunch of other goodies. You can get the details over at Oh, and don't forget to tweet or share the blog post to help get the word out! 

I'd like to thank our users and contributors for all the bug reports and patches that they have sent through since 1.0. Without your help we wouldn't have been able to fix over 48 bug fixes in this release.

We are focusing next on Github Enterprise, Bitbucket Cloud/Server and native Git support for the Pipeline Editor. There is also some great improvements coming by way of Declarative Pipeline that we will start surfacing in the editor, such as Parallel Stages.

Thanks for your support and enjoy the new release :)


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