Build Pipeline view incorrect after updating Parameterized Trigger to 2.35.2

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Build Pipeline view incorrect after updating Parameterized Trigger to 2.35.2

Jackson, Randy

I know I should be upgrading to the new pipeline as code, but for now, we are still using the Build Pipeline for most of our jobs.

Recently on our DEV Jenkins environment I updated the Parameterized Trigger plugin to 2.35.2.  This caused issues with the pipeline view where it now is showing 2 of each of the downstream jobs.

This is how it looks before updating, which is what I would expect to see:



This is how it looks after updating:



Note there are two Test1 and two Test2 boxes


I think it might be related to how the first job now shows Subprojects and Downstream Projects.




And after upgrading:


The solution for now is downgrading the Parameterized trigger plugin to 2.35.1, but this should be looked into.






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