Cannot modify matrix-based security settings (Hudson 1.333)

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Cannot modify matrix-based security settings (Hudson 1.333)

Stephen Chamberlain (Collis)
Hi All,
I am using Hudson 1.333. It seems since upgrading we cannot modify the security settings in Manage Hudson->Configure System->Authorization. We are using matrix-based security via active directory. We have the active directory plugin installed, version 1.15. If I add a user to the matrix and press save at the bottom of the page I am greeted with the following webpage:

Status Code: 400

Exception: This page expects a form submission

Generated by Winstone Servlet Engine v0.9.10 at Tue Nov 24 15:26:08 CET 2009
and the change is not made.
Does anyone know whats going on here?
Best Regards,

Stephen Chamberlain
Software Developer


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