CopyArtifact plugin: permissions: unable to restrict copy

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CopyArtifact plugin: permissions: unable to restrict copy

Roel van Meer

This is a question about the 'Permission to Copy Artifact' setting of the  
CopyArtifact plugin.

I have two freestyle projects, A and B. Project B copies artifacts from A.  
This works. If, on project A, I enable the 'Permission to Copy Artifact'  
setting, and configure 'Projects to allow copy artifacts' as "not-B" (or any  
other existing project name that is not B), then it is still possible for B  
to copy A's artifacts.

I would expect the above configuration to result in B not being allowed to  
copy A's artifacts.

Could anyone tell me if my expectations are incorrect, or if I need  
additional configuration to make this work?

This is with Jenkins 2.235.1 and CopyArtifact 1.45, but I've had this  
problem also with earlier versions. Not sure if it matters, but I'm using  
the 'Logged-in users can do anything' authorization strategy.

Thanks for your time,


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