CopyArtifacts plugin and multi configurations builds

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CopyArtifacts plugin and multi configurations builds

Johannes Wienke

I am trying to use the CopyArtifacts plugin to get the artifacts from a
multi-configuration project into another multi-configuration projects.
Both projects use the same axis along nodes of our jenkins setup.

RSC-multi is the upstream project that I am trying to copy to my
downstream projects RSB-multi.

If I just select "RSC-multi" in the options of the CopyArtifacts plugin
there is a hint that all configurations are copied into subdirectories,
but copying works perfectly.

Nevertheless it does not make much sense in our setup to copy artifacts
from every configuration to every node, so I just want the artifacts
from the same nodes. Hence, I tried to used "RSC-multi/label=$label" as
stated in the help box for this case. But this always results in such an
error message:

Unable to find project for artifact copy: RSC-multi/label=master

Nevertheless, if I change the CopyArtifacts option manually to
"RSC-multi/label=master" copying works.

Any idea what could be the problem here? It seems the plugin does not
resolve that the given expression belongs to a multi-configuration project.


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