Discussion: [GSoC'20] New git plugin extension point - Git Repository Size Estimator

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Discussion: [GSoC'20] New git plugin extension point - Git Repository Size Estimator

Rishabh Budhouliya
Hi all, 

Under the Git Plugin Performance Improvement Project, we have created an extension point which upon implementation can provide the functionality of querying the size of a remote git repository. 

The reason to ask for the size of remote repository is to use heuristics coded in the git plugin to make an optimal choice of git implementation ("git" or "jgit"). (There is a positive correlation between size of a repository and performance of certain git operations)

- Would plugins like github-branch-source-plugin or gitlab-branch-source-plugin be interested in implementing this extension point? 
- As a starting point, I would like to contribute an implementation of this extension point on github-branch-source-plugin if they agree to it. I would like to know the right place within the plugin where I can do this. (This would speed up the process)

Rishabh Budhouliya

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