Do not use the new plugin-pom with the BOM profile.

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Do not use the new plugin-pom with the BOM profile.

James Nord-2
Hi all,

There are issues using the jenkins-bom for dependency versioning in the plugin pom.

Whilst it works for a single plugin, any plugins that are deployed using this also force any plugins that depend on them to enable the profile (as it can not be enabled per module).  likewise the other way around is probably very similar.

Adding dependecnyManagement based on a profile was probably not a great idea in hindsight :-(

Whilst I do not thing the change should be reverted, I don;t think people should use it unless they think very carefully.

possible solutions are 
1) flatten the pom
2) split the parent into bom/no bom

I'm busy with a release cycle right now, but plan to try again later this week.


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