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Docker pipeline plugin

Hung Do
Hi everyone,

I'm struggling a little bit with the docker pipeline plugin,
the building of small image goes well, but when I try to push it to my private dockerhub registry, I get the following

[3-email_feature_jenkinsTest-5LSQUNLKW2A3IQQVQE7P6TOWAJPMB4NKMLQH3CFFATJHMGMXUSZQ] Running shell script
+ docker tag --force=true hungdo93/testatot
unknown flag
: --force
See 'docker tag --help'.
+ docker tag hungdo93/testatot

[3-email_feature_jenkinsTest-5LSQUNLKW2A3IQQVQE7P6TOWAJUJAUKMLQH3CFFATJHMGMXUSZQ] Running shell script
+ docker push
The push refers to a repository []
2c55342d652e: Preparing
28baa3bk1903: Preparing
5b1e37e74377: Preparing
04a294je844e: Preparing
: requested access to the resource is denied

This is the relevant part of my jenkinsfile

    def dockerImage
('build docker') {
"cp -R src/main/docker target/"
"cp target/*.war target/docker/"
='hungdo93/testatot', 'target/docker')

('publish docker') {
.withRegistry('', 'docker-hub-hung') {
.push 'test'

Ofcourse, I've made a username/password credentials id 'docker-hub-hung' and my private repo is hungdo93/testatot.
I have used the BlueOcean UI for this.

Thanks in advance!


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