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Docker push local repository

Walter Heestermans

I'm new in Jenkins and executing a simple pipeline to get source from github, build image, test image and then push to local DTR

node {
    def app
    stage('Clone repository') {
        checkout scm
    stage('Build image') {
        app ="test/hellonode")
    stage('Test image') {
        app.inside {
            sh 'node --version'
    stage('Push image') {
        docker.withRegistry('http://<local-dtr>', credentials-dtr') {

credentials-dtr are dfined inside the Jenkins --> Credentials --> System --> Global credentials (unrestricted)

The repository is created and I c
All works fine except the push

Pipeline] // withDockerContainer [Pipeline] } [Pipeline] // stage [Pipeline] stage [Pipeline] { (Push image) [Pipeline] withEnv [Pipeline] { [Pipeline] withDockerRegistry Wrote authentication to /var/jenkins_home/.dockercfg
[Pipeline] { [Pipeline] sh [docker-hellonode] Running shell script
+ docker tag --force=true toyota/hellonode <local-dtr>/xyz/hellonode:latest
unknown flag: --force
See 'docker tag --help'.
+ docker tag xyz/hellonode
[Pipeline] sh [docker-hellonode] Running shell script
+ docker push <dtr-url>/xyz/hellonode:latest
The push refers to a repository []
81c1e1c37cf0: Preparing
8455c73a933d: Preparing
41d2e9b986ab: Preparing
cdd2b48b0e16: Preparing
072b714c90b8: Preparing
ea2e97e9408f: Preparing
0da372da714b: Preparing
bf3841becf9d: Preparing
63866df00998: Preparing
2f9128310b77: Preparing
d9a5f9b8d5c2: Preparing
c01c63c6823d: Preparing
0da372da714b: Waiting
bf3841becf9d: Waiting
63866df00998: Waiting
2f9128310b77: Waiting
d9a5f9b8d5c2: Waiting
c01c63c6823d: Waiting
ea2e97e9408f: Waiting
denied: requested access to the resource is denied
[Pipeline] } [Pipeline] // withDockerRegistry [Pipeline] } [Pipeline] // withEnv [Pipeline] } [Pipeline] // stage [Pipeline] } [Pipeline] // node [Pipeline] End of Pipeline

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