Docker workflow plugin - volume leak

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Docker workflow plugin - volume leak

Robert Hafner-2

In our use of the docker workflow plugin we are seeing that volumes are being leaked when the container is removed. Is there an option that can be specified in a pipeline script that will result in the docker workflow plugin running the docker rm command with the -v option?


The problem that we are experiencing seems similar in nature to the following JIRA issues that have been open for some time.


We may be willing to contribute an enhancement to the plugin to support the -v option on the docker rm command if there isn’t a way to do that already.  We are considering something along the lines of the following. Would this change be acceptable?


stage("Integration Tests") { 
  agent { 
    docker { 
      alwaysPull true 
      reuseNode true 
      removeVolume true // New parameter? 
      args "-u root --privileged -v ${env.WORKSPACE}:/workspace" 














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