ERROR: [kubernetes-cli] unsupported credentials type

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ERROR: [kubernetes-cli] unsupported credentials type

anilkumar panditi
I have followed the below and my connection test is successful to K8S cluster.

Navigate to,
- Jenkins -> Credentials
- Select Kind as a secret file
- Browse and load your ~/.kube/config file
- Fill ID, Description and Save.
Now select,
- Kind as Kubernetes configuration (kubeconfig)
- Fill ID and Description
- Select Enter directly in front of Kubeconfig option
- Copy and paste your ~/.kube/config content and Save
- You can choose either From a file on the Jenkins master or From a file on the Kubernetes master node options as well.
The next step is configuring Clouds in Jenkins.
Navigate to,
- Jenkins -> System Configurations -> Cloud
- Select the Credentials that we created in step 1 and click on Test Connection
- You should receive Connection test successful message

But my pipeline is failing with error,
ERROR: [kubernetes-cli] unsupported credentials type  

Any Idea?

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