Extending the BuildResultTrigger plugin to filter on upstream parameters

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Extending the BuildResultTrigger plugin to filter on upstream parameters

Jacqueline Roberti

I would like the BuildResultTrigger plugin (https://github.com/jenkinsci/buildresult-trigger-plugin) to be extended to have an option to trigger on the success of another build PROVIDED that build has certain parameters.  

I work on a product that is composed of many microservices that all deploy in the same way.  Thus, it is beneficial to have a single, generic deploy job that relies on certain parameters.  However, some downstream jobs should only be triggered for certain services.  Rather than bloat the deploy job with lots of conditionals for specific downstream jobs, I would like to have a trigger in the downstream job.  The BuildResultTrigger plugin was the closest I could find, but it does not have the capacity to look at an upstream job’s parameters and filter on them.

I am happy to work on the development of this myself, or work with one of your developers.  

Thank you,
Jacqueline Roberti
Associate DevOps Engineer

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