Facing the exception while executing the HP ALM test set from Jenkins on Planned Host.

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Facing the exception while executing the HP ALM test set from Jenkins on Planned Host.

Parimal Jaldawar
Dear Team,
I am executing the Automation scenario from HP ALM through Jenkins on Planned Host and I am getting this Error.

Current version of plugin

Started by user Parimal Jaldawar 19:26:10 Running as SYSTEM 19:26:10 Building remotely on Slave_HP_ALM_To_Jenkins_Integration in workspace C:\Jenkins\logs\workspace\SAP_Test_Execution_Through_HPALM_Jenkins_Integration 19:26:10 [WS-CLEANUP] Deleting project workspace... 19:26:10 [WS-CLEANUP] Deferred wipeout is used... 19:26:10 [WS-CLEANUP] Done 19:26:14 [SAP_Test_Execution_Through_HPALM_Jenkins_Integration] $ C:\Jenkins\logs\workspace\SAP_Test_Execution_Through_HPALM_Jenkins_Integration\HpToolsLauncher.exe -paramfile props23022021192613606.txt 19:26:16 "Started..." 19:26:16 Timeout is set to: 600 19:26:16 Run mode is set to: RUN_PLANNED_HOST 19:26:20 Unable to retrieve test set folder: Node not found. 19:26:21 ============================================================================ 19:26:21 Starting test set execution 19:26:21 Test set name: Scheduling_POC, Test set id: 1304 19:26:23 Test 1: [1]RP2_SD_PSF_Domestic_Sales_Ready_without_Collection_Process_Non_EWM_9 will run on host: 19:26:26 Problem while running TestSet: Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040459 19:26:26 "Scheduler started at:23-02-2021 19:26:26 19:26:26 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19:26:27 19:26:27 Unhandled Exception: System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. 19:26:27 Parameter name: Current test set is null. 19:26:27 at HpToolsLauncher.AlmTestSetsRunner.SetTestResults(ITSTest& currentTest, IExecutionStatus executionStatus, ITestSet targetTestSet, TestRunResults activeTestDesc, TestSuiteRunResults runDesc, String testPath, String abortFilename) 19:26:27 at HpToolsLauncher.AlmTestSetsRunner.RunTestSet(String tsFolderName, String tsName, String testParameters, Double timeout, QcRunMode runMode, String runHost, Boolean isFilterSelected, String filterByName, List`1 filterByStatuses, TestStorageType testStorageType) 19:26:27 at HpToolsLauncher.AlmTestSetsRunner.Run() 19:26:27 at HpToolsLauncher.Launcher.Run() 19:26:27 at HpToolsLauncher.Program.Main(String[] args) 19:27:04 Recording test results 19:27:06 None of the test reports contained any result 19:27:06 [Checks API] No suitable checks publisher found. 19:27:06 RunResultRecorder: didn't find any test results to record 19:27:06 Finished: SUCCESS  

Appreciate your help in this matter with possible solution which can be implemented easily and in quick time.

Best Regards,
Parimal Jaldawar

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