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Fwd: Need help with Call for Sponsors - pretty-please with honey on it?

Alyssa Tong
Thank you to those who has responded to our JUC t-shirt design. We'll keep Mr. Jenkins' image simple, yet easily recognizable.

We once again are asking for the community's help to drum up attendance, and sponsorship to our JUCs. Pls see Lisa's email below with details to sponsorship. We are positive with the community's help we'll be able to attract more awareness and visibility to Jenkinsci.

Thank you in advance for your help.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Lisa Wells <[hidden email]>
Date: Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 11:57 AM
Subject: Need help with Call for Sponsors - pretty-please with honey on it?
To: juc-oc-ext <[hidden email]>

Hey Guys,

We need your help to find sponsors for our FOUR JUCs! Paris is only 2 months away, and NY is only 3 months out. The events will be so much better with financial and promotional support from many avenues (not to mention extra attendance!)... so we need the help of the community to generate the buzz.

Could you please please...
1) Ask your own company if they will sponsor? (if they say no, extol the virtues of how great it was last year...)
2) If you know other folks who might be interested, pass along the info by email?
3) Tweet the Call for Sponsors/ post to Facebook?
4) Make some noise in the Jenkins community (twitter, blog, FB, etc, and specifically ask for sponsors)?

Here's the URL with some sponsorship details (more in the attached PDF): http://www.cloudbees.com/jenkins-user-conference-2012-sponsorship.cb

Below is some info that you can copy/paste get the word out, and I also attach our Sponsorship Overview doc.

Many, many thanks for helping make JUC great!

Please help us support the #JenkinsCI user conference in Paris, NY, SF, & Antwerp! Call for sponsors is out: http://www.cloudbees.com/jenkins-user-conference-2012-sponsorship.cb

Calling all #JenkinsCI users... help the community grow! Attend, submit a paper, & sponsor the Jenkins User Conference! http://www.cloudbees.com/juc2012.cb

***Email content***

Dear X,

I want to invite you to co-sponsor the Jenkins User Conference 2012 (JUC) with CloudBees. Our inaugural conference last October at JavaOne was such a huge success that it year it will visit 4 cities:

For the October 2011 JUC, more than 400 people registered - and about 250 people showed up - for a two-track day of sessions by Jenkins experts. You can see what attendees said about it, watch the talks, and check out the schedule
in this video.

A few benefits of sponsoring:
- Support the vibrant Jenkins community and garner community goodwill
- Have a physical presence - you get your own table and can hand out whatever you like
- Speaking opportunity in front of 100-300 developers, managers, dev-ops folks, architects, and others (silver sponsors and above)
- Access to attendee list (gold sponsors and above)
- Get your company's name out all over the place - tons of pre-conference publicity with Jenkins community, CloudBees website and lists, forums, etc.

The per-conference sponsorship price goes down the more conferences you sponsor:


 $7,000 for 1
$12,500 for 2
$18,000 for  3
$23,500 for 4

$5,000 for 1
$9,000 for 2
$13,000 for 3
$17,000 for 4

$3,000 for 1
$5,500 for 2
$8,000 for 3
$10,500 for 4

$1,500 for 1
$2,750 for 2
$4,000 for 3
$5,250 for 4

Speaking Sessions





Access to Attendee List





Company logo on event materials & tshirts, mentions in emails & forum postings (at least one email will include short description of each sponsor)





Opportunity to hand out collateral/SWAG at your own table at the conference (manned or not, your choice)





Distribution rights to video recordings (posted on Platinum's YouTube channel - anyone is welcome to blog about and link to them)





Conference passes for each conference sponsored (~$200 or €200 value)





Even if you can't sponsor this year, please consider a
submitting an abstract for a session and also please help us get the word out! Please talk to Lisa Wells at CloudBees to learn more ([hidden email]).



Lisa Wells
Marketing Bee
www.CloudBees.com  |  Blog.CloudBees.com  | <a href="tel:%2B1%20512.751.8423" value="+15127518423" target="_blank">+1 512.751.8423  |  @productprincipl

2012 JUC Sponsorship Overview.pdf (956K) Download Attachment