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Jim Klimov
The current maintainer wrote he is okay with this change.


-------- Original Message --------
From: Christoph Kutzinski <[hidden email]>
Sent: January 31, 2019 10:55:58 AM UTC
To: Jim Klimov <[hidden email]>
Subject: Re: Adopt instant-messaging-plugin

Sure, go ahead!

Am 31. Januar 2019 11:54:06 MEZ schrieb Jim Klimov <[hidden email]>:

>On January 28, 2019 1:49:21 PM UTC, Christoph Kutzinski <[hidden email]>
>>Hello Jim,
>>from my point of view that's totally fine.
>>As I'm not on the dev email list anymore, I cannot reply to that.
>>Let me know, if you need anything else from me.
>>TBH I cannot remember if I can do it/what I need to do to make you the
>>Gesendet: Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2019 um 13:00 Uhr
>>Von: "Jim Klimov" <[hidden email]>
>>An: [hidden email]
>>Cc: [hidden email]
>>Betreff: Adopt instant-messaging-plugin
>>Hello all,
>>I am making some improvements to our Jenkins master interaction over
>>internal IRC, and it seems that the IM plugin which does the actual
>>work is not quite often updated (last release in 2015).
>>I would like to bump its priority in the eyes of current maintainer
>>(CCed) and/or ask to add myself to the list of maintainers to to some
>>generic codebase cleanup (e.g. indentations are such a mess that the
>>code is hard to read) and to land my PRs eventually. Reviews welcome
>>Thanks, Jim Klimov
>>github and jenkins handles: jimklimov
>>Typos courtesy of K-9 Mail on my Android
>If I may forward your message to the list, I think it would help hand
>the reins over quicker :)
>Typos courtesy of K-9 Mail on my Android

Typos courtesy of K-9 Mail on my Android

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