[GSoC 2019] - Status update (we are applying this week!)

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[GSoC 2019] - Status update (we are applying this week!)

Oleg Nenashev
Hi all,

Just a quick update of the GSoC sub-project. GSoC 2019 application period has started for organization on January 15th and, as you may guess, we will be applying to GSoC this year. Organization profile has been already created
  • We have a sufficient number of project ideas and mentors to apply. Actually, we have more project ideas and mentors than in 2016 and 2018 all together.
    • We have 20 project ideas, 17 of them have been already published after initial review rounds, others will be published soon
    • We have 23 potential mentors
  • All documentation is in place. We have performed a significant rework this year  in order to address retrospective feedback from students and mentors
  • We have an application draft under review: https://jenkins.io/projects/gsoc/2019/application/ , and we are going to submit the first version tomorrow
If Jenkins project is accepted this year, it will be likely the biggest GSoC we ever had in the project. And we are looking for more mentors, project ideas and contributors. If you are interested to join the currently published projects or to propose your own projects, we encourage everybody to do that. See the blogpost from Martin for more info.

If you are interested to propose new projects, we recommend it to do it this month, because potential students have already started reaching out to the projects and studying the project ideas. We have already got a number of contributions from potential students. So it is useful to have a project posted early so that there is more chances to find co-mentors and a great student for your project.

Best regards,
Oleg Nenashev
Jenkins GSoC org admin

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