[GSoC] - Project demos by students on June 14th

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[GSoC] - Project demos by students on June 14th

Oleg Nenashev
Hi all,

This Thursday we will have demos by Jenkins Google Summer of Code students. They will show progress of their projects after community bonding and first 4 weeks of coding. We will broadcast this demos on YouTube, at 1PM-3PM UTC (link).
  • Shenyu Zheng will present the Code Coverage API Plugin alpha version. The plugin offers extensible coverage reporting engine with Cobertura and JaCoCo supported out-of-the box. It also offers fancy UI and Pipeline integration
  • Pham Vu Tuan will show the current state of his Remoting over Kafka project. In this project we got basic master <=> agent communication working over Kafka, Jenkins master is able to connect to an agent over Kafka and execute jobs on them
  • Abhishek Gautam will demo the Simple Pull-Request Job Plugin. During community bonding and coding phase Abhishek has taken a way of Pipeline integration, and the plugin allows defining Multi-branch Pipeline projects as Jenkinsfile.yaml which is being converted to Declarative Pipeline
If you want to know ore about the projects, please feel to join the sessions. We have 2 months of coding ahead, and any feedback will be helpful. There will be also blogposts from students over the next week. So, stay tuned for more announcements!

During the demo we will be taking questions using the #jenkins channel and GSoC Gitter Channel. If you want to participate in the discussion, please join the Gitter Channel. We will post participant link there before the meeting starts.

Best regards,
Oleg Nenashev
Jenkins GSoC org team

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