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Gerrit review and gerrit webhooks

amit r
Hi All, 

i'm not sure who to send this so trying here to get some answer for my use case..

i'm trying to use the plugin gerrit-code-review-plugin  in my project using multi branch pipeline.
installed all the pre plugins in order to use it  but as mentioned in the wiki page:

not clear enough how to use it from scratch.
i assumed that need the gerrit trigger section in my jenkinsFile  so did this one:
triggers {
serverName: 'Gerrit Server',
gerritProjects: [[
compareType : 'ANT',
pattern : 'env.GERRIT_PROJECT',
branches : [[
compareType: 'REG_EXP',
pattern : 'env.BRANCH_NAME'
triggerOnEvents: [
skipVote: [
onSuccessful: false,
onFailed : false,
onUnstable : false,
onNotBuilt : false
 but now no matter what happens - i never get any event for the merged one - only for patchsetCreated

1. is there something i'm missing here?
2. does this plugin should support this cases?
3. how can i still use the branch scanning that exist in multibranch pipeline in case i also have cases that my automation push code into gerrit so will have here endless loop...
4. what about webhooks in gerrit it self? is it something different? 

any help with this will save my day! i'm trying to resolve these issues for long time with not much luck...

many thanks in advance!!
Amit Rintzler 

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