Github plugin warning on shared library from gerrit

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Github plugin warning on shared library from gerrit

Jacob Larsen-2

After upgrading a bunch of plugins, I have noticed a number of warnings
in my Jenkins system log. Every 3 minutes, I see a bunch of these:

com.cloudbees.jenkins.GitHubRepositoryName create

WARNING: Could not match URL ssh://

This is the place where I store my global Shared Pipeline Library code.
It is on a local Gerrit server and has nothing to do with GitHub as such.

My system contains 3 parallel organization folders, 1 custom for gerrit
using a python script and Job DSL plugin, 1 GitHub organization folder
and 1 BitBucket organization folder, each having the same set of
repositories. They all refer to the shared library stored in Gerrit for
common/boilerplate functionality.

The number of warnings matches exactly the number of jobs for each
organization folder.

The primary suspect is the github organization folder/branch source and
related plugins. Does anyone know of something in there that assumes any
shared libraries are from github?

The warning itself comes from the github plugin, something tries to
validate the URL to my shared library as a github URL. This fails since
it is not stored on github.

Any pointers appreciated. I'm not sure where to start looking for this.


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