Handling version of own dependencies in multi-project codebase in Jenkins

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Handling version of own dependencies in multi-project codebase in Jenkins

Andreas Røsdal

I'm using Jenkins to build and deploy a Java application which consists of multiple Maven projects.
One of the projects is a front-end Java Maven project, and it has the other Maven projects (Java lower-level code I also develop) specifed as dependencies in it's pom.xml file.

When I make changes to the code-base I typically make changes in a feature branch in git, on both the front-end and it's dependencies.
The dependencies are hosted in separate git repositories. There can be many feature branches I work in parallell on at any given time.

How can I use Jenkins to build this Java application, so that when I develop a new feature which includes changes to code in both a feature branch in the front-end
and changes to code in the feature branch of it's dependencies, then the whole Java application gets built by Jenkins correctly?


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