Help me fix bug in gitlab-branch-source-plugin

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Help me fix bug in gitlab-branch-source-plugin

Slava Dubrovskiy
Hi All.

I'm new in jenkins plugin development. But I'm trying to fix in
gitlab-branch-source-plugin. It's blocker for use plugin.

And I can't understand at all how getting Jenkinsfile is implemented in
this plugin. :(

According the documentation 
: -

"You should consider whether it makes sense for change request like
things to extend the same base class you used for branch and tag like
thing or whether you should extend from SCMHead directly. In either case
you should implement the ChangeRequestSCMHead2 mix-in interface."

But in this plugin, this interface is not used at all. And I can't
figure out where to look for the error.

Please help me.

Viacheslav Dubrovskyi

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