Help with using the scripts int he vars directory of shared libraries

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Help with using the scripts int he vars directory of shared libraries

I'm writing share libraries by following Extending with Shared Libraries, and I have a simple example working.

I now have created a script in the vars directory called debugger.groovy, that has a class definition, like this

class MyDebugger {
def logError(String msg) {
("ERROR", msg)
private def log(String msgType, String msg) {
String m = "$msgType: $msg"

MyDebugger getDebuggerObj() {
return (new MyDebugger)

Now I have a script in my src/com/company directory called Deployer.groovy, and I want to use above MyDebugger like this because I want to use the same MyDebugger object all throughout my script.


class MyDeployer {
def dbgObj = debugger.getDebuggerObj()

def deploy() {
Deployer d = new MyDeployer()

When I run it in my Jenkins pipeline, like this

pipeline {
{ label 'linux-devops' }
('build') {
// This is the Library configured in Jenkins main configuratin page
def deployer = new com.zift.deployment.Deployer()

But I get

infrastructure/src/com/zift/deployment/EcsClusterBuilder.groovy: 9: Apparent variable 'debugger' was found in a static scope but doesn't refer to a local variable, static field or class. Possible causes: You attempted to reference a variable in the binding or an instance variable from a static context. You misspelled a classname or statically imported field. Please check the spelling. You attempted to use a method 'debugger' but left out brackets in a place not allowed by the grammar.

 What's a better approach? I still want to keep the degugger.groovy structure, but am flexible on the Deployer.groovy script.


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