How to Modify “Stage View” Color when “Abort” is selected

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How to Modify “Stage View” Color when “Abort” is selected

Reid Watson

When a user selects “Abort” the “Stage View” presents the colour green to the user.

The requirement is to change the colour to Amber / Yellow or anything except Green.

The pipeline script contains “try” / “Catch” block when selecting the server. The “return” allows the user to process to the next stage but the "Abort" option sets the stage to Green.

 stage('DEV Build') {
try {
.release_server = input message: 'User input required', ok: 'Release!',
: [choice(name: 'RELEASE_SERVER', choices: server01\nserver02', description: ‘Select server')]
catch (Exception e) {

Does any onehave a workaround for this issue ?



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