How to avoid upstream trigger build cascade

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How to avoid upstream trigger build cascade

Matthias Schöpfer

Sorry, I have a question. We have some (not crazy, but still) number of jobs, that have dependencies to other jobs. The final job has about 15-20 deps. All those dependencies may have dependencies among each other. I added those dependencies to the "upstream trigger". Now, when the first job runs, it triggers jobs, that depend on it, *and* the final job. When those finish, they trigger other jobs *and* the final job. This ends in a cascade, which leads to 6-8 rebuilds of the final job. I would not like to hardcode the chain into the project, since the dependencies for example may change or are also used in other projects. I have seen, that other people suffered the same problem. One Solution, it seems, is the BlockBuildJob Plugin. But how can I activate it from a Jenkinsfile (declarative pipeline)? I tried it through options, but it does not seem to support this field. Any help is appreciated, Java / groovy is not my strong suit, I am more the C++ guy ;-)

My other idea was to scan the Queue myself, but I have not seen where query the Queue properly. Or to have a Seed job, that scans all jenkins jobs and builds MultiJob Jobs from it via jobDSL, but I did not succeed here either.



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