How to get unique users with multiple SCM and slightly different usernames?

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How to get unique users with multiple SCM and slightly different usernames?


Since we use both Subversion and Mercurial, and usernames are slightly different in the changesets, we get duplicates.
See ; looking at my name, I have two users: "jcarsique" and "Julien Carsique [hidden email]>"
And there's a third one on the server: "Julien Carsique [hidden email]" (I guess it was used before we succeed to configure ldap groups).

Looking at the server in .hudson/users/, I can see three occurrences of each user with three different configurations.
Main issues are:
  • configuration differences, especially jabber configuration: people can only configure one of their users, they miss the notifications which are not linked to the user they could configure
  • builds are associated to different occurrences of a user and points (from cigame) are dispatched between them.
  • before I could configure LDAP groups (not only users), I had sometimes to help a user who could no more log in, probably because of a Hudson confusion between homonyms logins.

Is this situation resulting from the multiple upgrades we've done, always keeping configuration ? Should I delete the users so they are discovered again ?
Or, is there no way to merge all occurrences of the same users into a unique one ?
Is it possible to configure the "common pattern" to Mercurial and Subversion usernames ?

Also, using the continuous integration game plugin, there's now a user with two different scores. How to fix it ?

Thanks for help,

Julien Carsique, Nuxeo (Paris, France) - [hidden email] - The Open Source ECM Platform -
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