Hudson and Maven 1 custom project file

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Hudson and Maven 1 custom project file

Zdeněk Vráblík

I use hudson to compile Maven 1 projects. IT works fine if I use
default projet.xml file.

Windows 7 and Linux
maven 1.0.2
jdk  1.6
Hudson 1.393 and 1.386

Hudson uses to start maven with custom project.xml file switch -f.

In my case:
C:\Users\zvrablik\.hudson\tools\maven1\bin\maven.bat -f
all_project.xml clean test

This line is from maven job output. There is specified
all_project.xml, but project.xml is used.

I tried it manually and maven doesn't work with -f parameter. However
it works if I replace -f with -p.

I would like run integration tests only in hudson and developers would
use default project.xml which runs only unit tests.

Is it possible to configure hudson to use -p instead of -f ?

Thank you.