Hudson and SVN: missing revision in recent changes

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Hudson and SVN: missing revision in recent changes

Louis Jacomet
Hello all,

First of all, a great thank you for such a nice product. It really a pleasure to see  such a high quality documentation for setup and configuration, and a nice UI ;-)

However, as others, I address the mailing list because I have problems with the "Recent change" history for builds based on Subversion managed code.

I searched the user mailing list and could not find a complete discussion over this subject. Although there is a beginning in thread Does anybody see this: SVN not printing out all the changes in the UI
Also, the issue tracker has issue 166 on the subject. But the different problems described do not match what I experience.

1. A build starts, the subversion polling log indicates change.
2. No change available yet
3. Subversion update finishes, indicates revision 17080 in the console output
4. Build page indicates in the change section revision 17068 (page found at job/JobName/Job#)
5. Change page of the build describes the complete list of affected files for revision 17062 but no mention of revision 17068. (page found at job/JobName/Job#/changes)

I checked both clocks on the Windows server running Tomcat and Hudson and on the Solaris machine running Subversion and they are in sync.

At the end, the build is correct, but when failing we have to check subversion to be sure of the impacting changes. While not a major issue, it is something to be looked into.

Has anyone experienced something like this ?
Where should I start looking into hudson code to have an idea of the exact sequence of events for building the change list ?

Louis Jacomet