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Igor Czechowski-2
Dear Hudson Developers and Users,

We, at Sabre-Holdings, adapt Hudson as a Continuous Integration tool we
would like to use for the enterprise. Thus we've done some modification
the tool, we think are necessary. We would like to release those
modification back to the community, so we both can benefit.

How do you see us providing the code back ?

The features we implemented so far are the following:
* Groups
  Each job is assigned to a group, so the jobs for the same project can
be grouped together.
  A logged in user can be assigned to 0+ groups.
* My View
  Per user customized views.
  Views of the jobs from groups user belongs to are automatically
displayed after user private views and are non editable.

* User can specify his/her SVN repository credentials.
  In our installation we use single sign-on feature to authenticate
user. Since SVN credentials may differ from how Hudson authenticate,
User is able to provide different credentials for SVN. Next full user's
name is displayed in the Changes view, instead of SCM credentials.

User implementation is merged with Hudson version 1.223

If you are interested to see more details we can provide screen shots
and some more explanation if required.

Next we plan to implement the following features, although we don't know
details yet and we think we somehow coordinate:
- extension point for group actions
- role based security
- assigning agents to groups, jobs which belongs to a particular group
can only use agents designed for this group.
- adapt some plugins to use group feature (like: CI game)

  Igor Czechowski
  Business Technology Optimization

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