Hudson not able to run python with os.system(cmd) in Win 2003 Server

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Hudson not able to run python with os.system(cmd) in Win 2003 Server


I have a python script which is triggered by Hudson, and the script will then call another python script. It has been working well in my Win 2008 Server environment. However, when I set up the same environment in Win 2003, I notice that after the first script been triggered by hudson, the second script never been triggered by the first script. The problem is seen in 2 of my Win 2003 servers. I am using os.system(command) in my code.

Same python versions used in 3 servers: Python 2.3.5 (#62, Feb 8 2005, 16:23:02)
Same Hudson versions used in all 3 servers: Hudson ver. 1.346

I've the simplified version of my python script below. I was hoping somebody might have idea what is missing here.

import os
print 'kk testing here in'
os.system('echo echo here')

DOS Output (Expected)
kk testing here in
echo here

Hudson Output from Win2008 Server (Expected)
Started by user anonymous
[workspace] $ cmd /c call C:\Users\relqc\AppData\Local\Temp\hudson1297633292840159415.bat

echo here
kk testing here in

D:\Automation\bin\hudson\jobs\test\workspace>exit 0
Finished: SUCCESS

Hudson Output from Win2003 Server (Unexpected - missing "echo here")
Started by user gohk
[workspace] $ cmd /c call C:\DOCUME~1\relqc\LOCALS~1\Temp\hudson2087230603324335703.bat

kk testing here in

E:\Automation\bin\hudson\jobs\test\workspace>exit 0
Finished: SUCCESS