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IIB Node restart.

manmadha 1992
Hello All,

We are trying to restart IIB integration node with Jenkins job,

But we have faced below issue with jenkins  --> issue is:: jenkins itself kills the thread after completion of command execution.

We have resolve above issue with export BUILD_ID=dontKillMe. Here we got a new issue i.e., Database environment variables issue.

Whereas we are not getting this issue when we manually restart the server from iib console.

Error in sys logs :

Jul 15 00:15:41 rhmwiibbox  IIB[29037]: IBM Integration Bus v10009 (dv1-ib10node1.global-wcsob-intgsvr) [Thread 29892] (Msg 3/5) BIP2348E: Error detected while attempting to obtain a connection to data source 'IIBDS' of type 'ODBC' using userid 'iibadmin'.
Jul 15 00:15:41 rhmwiibbox IIB[29037]: IBM Integration Bus v10009 (dv1-ib10node1.global-wcsob-intgsvr) [Thread 29892] (Msg 4/5) BIP2393E: Database error: ODBC return code '-1' from data source 'IIBDS' using ODBC driver manager ''.
Jul 15 00:15:41 rhmwiibbox IIB[29037]: IBM Integration Bus v10009 (dv1-ib10node1.global-wcsob-intgsvr) [Thread 29892] (Msg 5/5) BIP2347E: Database error: SQL State 'IM002'; Native Error Code '0'; Error Text 'System information file not found. Please check the ODBCINI and the ODBCSYSINI environment variables are correctly set.'

Could you please help me with this.

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