[INFRA-2435] Switch back from repo.azure.jenkins.io to repo.jenkins-ci.org

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[INFRA-2435] Switch back from repo.azure.jenkins.io to repo.jenkins-ci.org

Hi Everybody, 

Considering the number of people who contacted me about `repo.azure.jenkins.io`, makes me realize that in the hurry two weeks ago, I didn't communicate very well about it.
To bring the context, that service was running on an old Kubernetes cluster (v1.7) provided by a deprecated service on Azure (ACS) which was in end of life on the 31st of January 2019, more about that work on INFRA-1797, and now this cluster is totally gone.

We didn't have a lot of data to compare the performance between repo.azure.jenkins.io and repo.jenkins-ci.org but after running some quick tests it appeared that there weren't huge benefits to use repo.azure.jenkins.io over repo.jenkins-ci.org so we decided during the Jenkins-infra meeting of the 28th of January to switch back to repo.jenkins-ci.org.

But something to keep in mind, in the past that old Kubernetes cluster "ACS" didn't support private network connections which is now the case with the new AKS so performance should be better now.

In short, it doesn't mean that we don't want to deploy this service again in the future, but just that we had to move quickly based on the time we had. If it appears that we need that service again we could re-deploy it with this helm chart which is the one that I am using for the release environment, in all cases, we'll have to do some adjustment as by default the docker image used in this chart, uses slightly different maven repository name.

To conclude this email, with the end of Microsoft sponsorship that officially happened in December 2019, we are now investigating solutions to finance our infrastructure which will obviously impact the way we use ci.jenkins.io in the future.
More coming in the coming days/weeks..

Ps: Please note that I am now using [hidden email] for the new infra mailing list if you are interested and didn't subscribe to it yet.


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