Idea for plugin. Quotation for Jira comments

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Idea for plugin. Quotation for Jira comments

Константин Валерьевич

I have an idea to create plugin to put quatations to comments what Jenkins adds in Jira tasks after build complete. There isn't such plugin in Jenkins repo.

Basic features i want to add:
  • Create new build step what will extcract quote to jenkins variable. I will use it further on Jira steps.
  • Step configuration should allow:
    • to select a csv file (language;quatation;author)
    • enter a language what will exctracted from file
    • enter probability value of quatation extraction.
  • Optionally i want to add opportunity to use quatations from or similar (with reusing some code from daily-quote plugin).

What do you think about this idea? That can you advise for newbie in plugin development?

Best regard,

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