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Improvement on CopyToSlavePlugin

Yves Schumann-2


I would like to suggest an improvement on the CopyToSlavePlugin. There is
the option "Flatten directories" which wipes out the directory stucture on
the copied directories/files. So far, so good. But this function wipes out
the whole directory structure, even the given one from which files should
be copied. It would be a very nice improvement, if a distinction between
the given path and the folders below the given path could be made. To
explain in detail, let's say I configured the following path:

    Files to copy: foo/bar/**

In this folder may be a structure like


So the whole tree is


This results without the flatten option in the whole directory tree. If the
flatten option is used, the file "dust.c" is located directly in the
workspace folder. So both directory structured are flattened, the
configured "foo/bar/" and the structure below this folder "sun/moon/". What
I want to reach is the folder structure "sun/moon/dust.c" on the workspace
folder. So maybe an additional option may be one way to achieve this,
here's just an example:

  o Flatten given directory path
  o Flatten examined directories

Any more suggestions on this?

Kind regards,

Yves Schumann
R&D IT-Koordinator
Security Communication
Ascom (Schweiz) AG