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Inject env vars to Jenkins programmatically


I am trying to inject environment variables to Jenkins build from my internal Maven plugin in Java. 

What did I do? 

I added the Jenkins code Maven dependency to my plugin an implemented the relevant interface: 

public class Test implements EnvironmentContributingAction{


    public void buildEnvironment(Run<?, ?> run, EnvVars env) {

                EnvironmentContributingAction.super.buildEnvironment(run, env);


Now - I'm trying to call this class from a different class: 

EnvVars envVars = new EnvVars();

envVars.put("myvar", "myvalue");

Test test = new Test();

test.buildEnvironment(???? , envVars);

What is the "Run" class? What should I add into this method so it will run from the build object in Jenkins? 

Any Github example or snippet will be much appreciated.


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