IntelliJ & pipeline.gdsl broken

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IntelliJ & pipeline.gdsl broken

Charles Moulliard

It seems that the pipeline.gdsl does not work anymore using a pipeline groovy project under IntelliJ.

The following syntax
def pipelinesPath = /.*\/resources\/.*groovy/

def ctx = context(scope: scriptScope(), pathRegexp: pipelinesPath)
contributor(ctx) {
    method(name: 'parallel', type: 'Object', params: ['closures':'java.util.Map'], doc: 'Execute in parallel')

does not allow to use auto completion within the a pipeline groovy file

@Library('snowdrop-lib@0.2') _
import org.jenkinsci.plugins.workflow.libs.Library

def AGENT_LABEL = null

node('master') {
    stage('Determine platform and set agent'){

A few tags/DSL are highlighted but if we click on it, we cannot access the class or do autocompletion. This is really bad.


Charles Moulliard

Software Engineer Manager - Spring

Red Hat

Rue de Franchimont 52A, Florennes, Belgium

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M: +32473604014    

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