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[Issue 148] show (part of) description in build history


------- Additional comments from [hidden email] Sun Nov 19 00:14:43 +0000 2006 -------
Well, if somebody is trying to find all the builds with manual descriptions, a
tooltip will not his/hers life much easier. While at least one line of truncated
description (and a tooltip with full description) could be more suitable.

But to me the truncated description does not look good, with cut right at the
middle of the letter, for example.

I guess, people use manual description in builds quite rare, and such
descriptions deserve to be present in the build history, in more prominent role.

Ideal solution for me would be a multi-line description not more than 4 lines of
text, but it's not easy to do in the View (to limit the string), but maybe it
would be simple to do in the model....

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