[Issue 158] Manage graphic displays for running jobs

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[Issue 158] Manage graphic displays for running jobs


User kohsuke changed the following:

                What    |Old value                 |New value
                  Status|STARTED                   |RESOLVED
              Resolution|                          |FIXED

------- Additional comments from [hidden email] Mon Nov 20 15:07:04 +0000 2006 -------
Thanks. I couldn't reproduce 404 problem --- maybe there's some kind of a
packaging bug that cannot be reproduced with "hpi:run"? I'll check in my
production environment.

I read vncserver man page and I thought it said "vncserver -kill" would really
just kill the process, and the only extra it does is the automatic discovery of
the process ID. I thought it's bit silly to launch another process just to kill
it, when I already know what that process is. But I should probably check it anyway.

Thanks for the <modules> change. I forgot that.

I'll mark this issue fixed for now. Further issues to the xvnc plugin should
deserve their own issue numbers.

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