[Issue 163] RSS feed for build status shows incorrect info for current build

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[Issue 163] RSS feed for build status shows incorrect info for current build


------- Additional comments from [hidden email] Sun Nov 19 01:07:49 +0000 2006 -------
> And, btw, why is it a problem, changing of timestamp/pubDate?

Today we use the build start date as the timestamp in RSS.
If I understand it correctly, RSS readers show this date
alongside the entry, and so we'd like it to be the build
timestamp (start date.)

But when we republish the item with different status
(like in-progress->success), then we need to update the
timstamp, or else the reader can't tell which one is newer...
oh ok, so I guess your suggestion is that having
the lastBuildDate attribute in <channel> would be enough
for readers to declare that the "success" news item is
newer because it came in a <channel> with a newer date.

I think your second suggestion of using timestamp+duration
as the <pubDate> is also workable, except that the build
timestamp is now different from the RSS feed timestamp,
which could be confusing.

Looking at the description of lastBuildDate you pasted,
it now seemed like just updating this value accordingly
should be enough for RSS readers to understand changing
news items correctly. (I didn't look at any per-channel
attributes, so I missed that.)

So my current proposal is:

with RSS 2.0:

1. for each build, use build timestamp as the <pubDate>.
   set the latest status to the <title>, including
   the current status like PENDING/IN-PROGRESS, etc.
   Very important to keep the <guid> same.

2. set <lastBuildDate> as the timestamp of "now".

with ATOM:

1. for each build, use the build timestamp as
   <issued>. set the latest status to the <title>.
   Very important to keep the <guid> same.
   <modified> is set to "now" for on-going builds,
   and set to timestamp+duration for completed builds.

And if I understand things correctly so far, this will
provide as much information as we can in RSS, without
causing readers to duplicate any entries or messing up

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