[Issue 163] RSS feed for build status shows incorrect info for current build

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[Issue 163] RSS feed for build status shows incorrect info for current build


------- Additional comments from [hidden email] Sun Nov 19 13:02:31 +0000 2006 -------
This bug is getting more and more interesting... :)

> Today we use the build start date as the timestamp in RSS.
> If I understand it correctly, RSS readers show this date
> alongside the entry, and so we'd like it to be the build
> timestamp (start date.)

Yes, most RSS feeders I know present the date of entry in their GUI in one form
ore another.

But from users point of view, users don't care about timestamps.
It seems that timestamp is more of internal, implementation detail to me.

What users would like to know is when build started and finished.

So it looks natural to present the date of the latest state change to users
then some confusing notion of "timestamp" to users.

For example, in current build history, some date is printed. How users
what this date is? Why for finished build it still shows build start date?
In what time zone is it? Should they be even aware about "timestamp" notion?

It's just looks more natural to me as a user to see the date of the latest
significant change in Build's life. For started builds it should be the start
date, for finished builds it should be build's end date.

Presenting this info in RSS feeds is also very natural. After all, RSS is used
to deliver updates about builds to users, and for every status change, the feed
item should provide the date of the change, not some abstract notion of
timestamp which is of no interest to users.

I understand that in the past timestamps were more important to identify builds,
but now build numbers used instead, right?

> set <lastBuildDate> as the timestamp of "now".

Isn't this will make the feed always "has-updates" since for every download of
the feed it would contain updated "lastBuildDate"? So it seems to me that there
is no way to get away without recording scheduled-started-finished dates for the
build and use them in the feeds.

OK, I think I'll work on the code a little and experiment with some readers and
will provide my findings and some code updates so that we'll have some more
practical way of discussing this.

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