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[Issue 183] New - Shell scripts add temp file to workspace

                 Issue #|183
                 Summary|Shell scripts add temp file to workspace
       Status whiteboard|
              Issue type|DEFECT
             Assigned to|issues@hudson
             Reported by|jglick

------- Additional comments from [hidden email] Sat Dec  2 17:45:47 +0000 2006 -------
I found to my annoyance than when running a project which uses a shell command,
Hudson creates a hudson*sh file in the project workspace. This is not polite;
the user expects that the workspace contains just the checkout and build
products. Stray files can confuse scripts.

Shell/BatchFile call FilePath.createTempFile. At first I thought to just delete
this method and change e.g. Shell to say

File script = null;
// ...
script = File.createTempFile("hudson","sh");
Writer w = new FileWriter(script);
// ...

But then I noticed the line

String[] cmd = new String[] { DESCRIPTOR.getShell(),"-xe",script.getRemote()};

I have never used slaves and so I do not know the significance of the remote
path here. Surely the hudson*sh file is not used from other machines? Can this
simply be written (with File script) as

String[] cmd = new String[] { DESCRIPTOR.getShell(),"-xe",script.getAbsolutePath()};

without breaking remote builds?

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