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[Issue 191] add more info into rss feed


User vsizikov changed the following:

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              QA contact|issues@hudson             |vsizikov

------- Additional comments from [hidden email] Fri Dec  8 20:39:40 +0000 2006 -------
Here's a patch to enable "changes" in ATOM feeds (not in RSS feeds).
I didn't add the "changes" to RSS because RSS 2.0 sucks and makes it
really hard to properly include any HTML-based content.

But since ATOM is more and more widespread now, I don't think that
this omission of changes in RSS-based feeds is a major problem. Those
who really want changes in their feeds, will just use ATOM :) Both,
Firefox and IE 7 do support ATOM and were verified to be able to
properly show the changes content. I also used "Sage" feed reader, and
it work fine too.

Besides the code changes, the content also includes links to users who
made the changes, and a link to detailed page with all changes, so
that if somebody would like to see the list of changed files, one
could do that easily.

Kohsuke, would you be able to review? Thanks!

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